Ok…I’m a fan!

Ok, I’m starting this blog because I jumped on the bandwagon last year and it wasn’t a passing fancy. I’ve followed all news Blue Jay all winter like all you other bandwagoners and I couldn’t wait for spring training to come. Not too many of my friends or co-workers are as committed as I, except maybe my brother-in-law, so I’m going to blog my thoughts instead. There isn’t too much out there from a non-reporter woman’s point of view, and I have never heard a woman call in to Fan 590, so here we are. I finally figured out that I’m a true fan (or truly crazed) when I tuned in to the online radio play by play of this week’s blacked out spring training games that were not on TV. My husband thinks it’s pretty funny. Wait until he finds out that I started this blog. Maybe I’ll call into Fan 590 one day too. Anyway, in case you’re like me and want to tune in to any of the non-televised games, go to mlb.com. Create an account and sign in. Go to the Scores tab and click the icon that looks like a baseball diamond called ‘Gameday’. Then from there, click the Headphone icon. You’ll see a written play-by-ply to go along with the audio. Enjoy!

Check out this clip from today’s game. Ok, they caught it, but a pretty nice line drive by Pillar (who’s trying to prove that he should lead off) wouldn’t you say?


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