Is Tulo back?

So far so good in Tulo-town! The 2nd highest paid shortstop blasted the 2nd homer of the game today after Bautista’s 3-run bomb. Maybe he really is settling in to his new baseball home. Pleeease stay healthy!

And Bautista, c’mon! He’s the type of player that plays better the madder he gets, and so he’s really going to show Shap-kins what they’re going to miss if they let him go next year. Not that I would disagree with the decision not to pay him $25-30 mil per year as he approaches 40, but after what we’ve seen so far this Spring, it’s tempting!

And finally, LOV-ing Sanchez. Man, what a huge snub it would be to put him in the bullpen, despite the arguments that the TEAM will do better with him there. I mean what else does the guy have to do to prove that he deserves a shot as a starter? Let’s see how he does stretched into the 5th and 6th innings. If he stays this good, there is no way we shouldn’t start with him in the 5th position, maybe even higher! Am I right?


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