So much angst…

Is it weird that I have so much angst over the Jays? The 16-1 trouncing that they gave to the Tigers was so classic Jays. And so awesome to see Tulo again, showing us what he’s really made of with his 3-run homer, 4th of Spring training, and 5 RBIs.

As a fan, I just want to win now. This does not seem to be management’s mentality. They’re thinking the next 2-3 years? But without Jose and Edwin, that beautiful lineup will fall apart. And if they aren’t willing to pay big bucks to keep 2 of the biggest hitters in the biz, one can’t imagine that they will find replacements to fill the big shoes that will be left behind. I think Jose thinks like a businessman and will go where the $$ are. Edwin though makes me sad. He’s so sweet and quiet and yeah, he wants to get paid. But he’s hurt that he gives himself to the team, but the new bosses feel no bond. I agree it’s a business, but I think there are contracts that would make sense. Make these guys a fair offer! You owe them that even if you don’t owe them more for nostalgia. If you get beat out then fine. I think Cleveland, I mean, Blue Jays management needs to take some communication courses. Changes like the one made to Gibby’s contract, while it makes sense, the way things are done makes fans, and I’m sure Gibby, feel like they want a way out. I think they could be a lot smoother.

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