Comedy of Errors

The Blue Jays took on the A team of the Tampa Bay Rays, who we’ll be seeing in a week on Opening Day, minus the starting pitchers. I understand that this is to avoid the Jays from getting a good look at any of them before next week’s series. The Jays did not have their A line-up except for Pillar, Goins and Smoak with Hutchison pitching. The Rays vs. Jays matchup is one of power pitching vs. power hitting.

Lots of errors today. Many of the runs of the Jays’ 7-3 win were unearned. Pillar smoked one to 3rd baseman Evan Longoria which he fumbled. Yay!

Hutchison did well going hitless through 3 innings, 1 run in the 4th, and then he gets beaned in an errant throw by his own catcher AJ Jimenez in an attempt to stop a steal to second. How bizarre is that? Pat Venditte the switch pitcher (pitches with either arm) didn’t do too badly but the defense behind him was lacking too.

If you’re wondering how I saw this game, I bit the bullet and paid $25 USD/month for So far, I’ve seen 2 extra Spring Training games that I would have missed otherwise. I should have made the move at the beginning of March for the full benefit but I wasn’t sure if it would be worth it. It does allows me to see some extra Spring training games and will allow access to all regular season games. Not sure if I’ll keep it. Our coverage of the regular season games should be pretty good and I don’t tend to watch other teams games, but we’ll see!


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