Huge News Day

Where to start? I’m happy with most of the news. It all feels right y’know like Gibby’s going with what he knows and is comfortable with and that goes for us too. I was really pleased about Sanchez in the starting rotation because he’s on fire! We need to take a chance on him and have a good safety net if anything’s off.

I’m happy with Osuna as the closer for the same reasons he is. He feels like he’s getting a vote of confidence because he did great last season, and I think that counts for a lot. I note that Storen allowed 2 runs today after finding out that he was not closing. Coincidence? Maybe.

I would have loved to see Pat Venditte, the switch pitcher, in the bullpen just because he’s so interesting and newsworthy. He seemed to do well in Spring training but there wasn’t much chance to see him with only 8.1 innings pitched. I guess the players out of options and the Rule 5ers kind of have a leg up with Leon, Biagini making the bullpen in addition to Tepera the leftie, although I think one of them has to go when Estrada comes off the DL. But over 6 months, maybe we’ll get to see Venditte, and there’s always next year. Would have been nice to keep Darrell Ceciliani, centre fielder who hit 4 HR, and Andy Burns, the utility player, as well.

With my subscription, I could pay an extra $7 a month to see the MiLB games, but am I there yet as fan? In my progression to full-on Fan-ness, I downloaded the Rogers media app today just so I could listen to Fan590 on my phone walking into my office, so I could hear Gibby’s announcements this morning. And I had it playing intermittently throughout the day with my earpiece in, while I was working!


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