4 in a row…lost

Reading this post you’ll sense my ennui. The Blue Jays lost their 4th straight game on Saturday for the first time since last May. Actually, they lost 5-in-a-low that time. This time losing the 2nd game of the home opening series to Boston. Today the feel around the city of Toronto felt down…subdued. Still they say, don’t worry, it’s early.

Despite 2 awesome 2-run homeruns by Jose Bautista, those 4 runs gained were negated a bit by a crazy bounce in right field on a line drive over the head of Jose which had him turning around and chasing it to the wall. This allowed 2 runs and left a runner on 3rd who eventually crossed homeplate as well.

A rare error on a missed throw by Dickey to 2nd base actually started the free fall. Dickey’s knuckleball however was looking quite amazing, which of course meant a few misses at home plate by Josh Thole. These cost a few bases as well.

Ok, I’ll be patient. Hoping for a win Sunday.


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