4% over already?

There’s a lot being said by the media guys on The Fan 590 such as Andrew Walker and Bob McCown who say that it’s so early in the baseball season that fans shouldn’t worry when the Jays lose 4 straight games. They say that the season is only 4% over, don’t worry. What? 4% over already?

Well, when is there a must win? The last game that if you lose, you’ll be out of the competition. Sure. But at that point, would you be in that position if you had won that game back on April the 8th?

I’m not sure if I’d say the 4 games that the Jays have lost were ‘must wins’, but any game against a Division rival is an important win, or ‘should really try to win’. Why? Because they kind of count for double right? Each game lost puts you a whole game behind in your bid to win the division title.

The home opener after the best season in 22 years? Yeah, should try to win that one, then all the bandwagon fans can have a parade. Yeah, we’re just fans, but I’m guessing that the more $$ we spend on tickets and merchandise, maybe that will result in a payroll increase? Maybe next time a David Price comes around, we can at least be part of the discussion.

There’s the intimidation factor too. I’m guessing most pitchers feel more or less confident depending on who they’re pitching against. And that level of confidence can impact how well they pitch. If you’re the hyped up team that underperforms, that’s going to boost the pitcher, even the hitters.

So while using the term ‘must win’ is a bit of misnomer, some games, you ‘should really try to win’.

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