Oh. My. Josh.

Despite a really strong 8-inning outing by Marcus Stroman Thursday night, the Jays found themselves down 2-0 after the 4th inning, when in the 5th the reigning MVP Josh Donaldson launched a 424 ft 3-run homerun to the centre field 2nd level.

With the Jays leading 3-2, Tulowitzki drove a homer down the left field line for a nice insurance run. It was more like a REassurance run, letting everyone know that the Tulo that we know and love is still in there somewhere just making his way out.

Did you notice…?

Do you know what I’ve noticed that’s really cute? Have you ever noticed that whenever Smoak closes out a game at 1st base (and the Jays have won), Donaldson and Smoak will meet each other on the mound and hug? Maybe they just get there first for the team high 5s. Or maybe they’re buddies? I never see them hugging anyone else.

Anyway, Osuna the bett-a man. He’s a Mexican rock.

Osuna gets his 4th save.



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