Easy Peavy

Ok, is it just me or does Jake Peavy, losing San Francisco pitcher from Monday night, look like he just fell off the back of a pickup truck?

Well, thanks to him, the Toronto Blue Jays won and are now back at .500. It’s been so frustrating watching their struggles with hitting and with bullpen pitching, but it’s hard to believe that they’re actually managing to stay at .500 even though for the most part they’re playing like crap. It’s because at the beginning of last season, they didn’t have solid starting pitching like they do this year.

The Jays are hoping to pick up another win against a mediocre pitcher tonight against Matt Cain who has an ERA over 7. J. A. Happ on the other hand has an ERA less than 3.

Always weird to see the pitcher’s name in the lineup.


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