Closure for Tulo

So Troy Tulowitzki’s much anticipated return to his previous home of 10 years was an eventful one. His new team, the Toronto Blue Jays won the series against the Colorado Rockies 2-1, but it was a series of ups and downs. Tulo got a standing ovation his first at bat and he took the time to raise his helmet to all his fans. For him, the bitterness of getting dumped unceremoniously from the team that he thought he was going to start and end his career with, had stuck with him for the past 12 months. He knew it was going to be a long 3 days of staring at his old team in the opposing dugout, staring at his old managers and coaches.

He started 0-5 in his first at bats but then blasted a solo homerun to start a 6-run inning, and that my friends is what they call closure. His new team got whipped game 1 but won the next 2 to close out the series.

Link to Game 3


A 4-game series at home against the team from which the Blue Jays got their new President/CEO and GM, the Cleveland Indians.


Dickey (5-8, ERA 4.23) vs. Carrasco (3-2, ERA 2.73)

Stroman (6-4, 5.23) vs. Tomlin (9-1, 3.32)

Estrada (5-3, 2.81) vs. Bauer (6-2, 3.19)

Happ (9-3, 3.70) vs. Kluber (8-7, 3.50)

Unfortunately tough match ups this weekend. Based on recent play, the pitching matchup is in Cleveland’s favour, so we will need the offensive bats to be at their best!

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