Big series against the O’s in Toronto

I’ll be at the game tomorrow and this series is expected to be a big one. Will a sweep kill off one team or the other? No. But the Jays could either end up in 1st or deeply seated in 3rd again.


The pitching matchup looks good for the Jays.

  1. Estrada (5-4, ERA 2.94, 3.71 over last 7) vs. Gausman (2-7, ERA 3.77, 4.24 over last 7)
  2. Happ (13-3, ERA 3.27, 2.40 over last 7) vs. Gallardo (3-2, ERA 5.37, 4.85 over last 7)
  3. Sanchez (11-1, ERA 2.72, 1.53 over last 7) vs. Tillman (14-3, ERA 3.47, 4.22 over last 7)

Estrada got pushed back in order to rest him and to have the 3 best pitchers line up against the O’s this series. He could also use the extra rest for his bad back.

Theoretically, the Jays’ pitching could win all 3 games over the O’s as long as the Jays offense is working.


W-L: Toronto 14-7 vs. 11-12

Runs: Toronto 118 vs. 77

Hits: Toronto 197 vs. 190

HR: Toronto 28 vs. 26

AVG: Toronto .266 vs. .241

OPS: Toronto .785 vs. .677

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