The Final Stretch

I haven’t written too many posts lately. And mainly it’s probably because I’m busy. But a lot of it has to do with a chronic sense of frustration with the team.

I know, the professional broadcasters are always dissing us bandwagon folk saying we don’t understand the game and we’re ready to bail on the team even though they’re in first. Blah blah blah. Those like Mike Wilner have a Twitter feed that exists purely to diss any fan who has an opinion.

I get that. For me the frustration stems from the team underperforming. They’re better than they have been and for the most part have been lucky that they got to first place. It’s hard not to want them to be as good as last year, because they didn’t get to the World Series last year. So it’s hard not to think that if they don’t do as well, they won’t get farther this season.

It’s also hard to hear those like Buck Martinez constantly talking about the thunderous offense of the Jays. I mean they’ve only been thunderous a handful of times when playing against poor quality pitchers. They haven’t had any persistent runs where you felt like things were clicking.

Yes they’re in first, but the confidence level is precarious. When they can lose to the worst team in the division, you think, how can they possible beat good teams they don’t know?

Really, I just want them to win the division again. Beyond that would be gravy to me. If they could just play to their potential, it shouldn’t be a problem. But why? Why have they been stymied so often? The coaches love to let them do their thing. But come on. Isn’t there anything you can coach them on? Can’t you practice getting base hits?

It’s been a season of scratching the surface and although they’ve made it this far with their pitching efforts, it’s concerning that they seem to be fading and maybe won’t be able to keep this team afloat on their own. They need offense. And most of all, the expectation is that their defense is working. No dropped balls Devon Travis. No crazy off balance throws to first Marcus Stroman. Move your feed and chase the ball Michael Saunders. No stopping the ball with your body J. A. Happ.

Come on team. Let’s get the adrenaline pumping.

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