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It’s Time To Switch-Up The Blue Jays Lineup – Bluebird Banter

Due to a poor lineup construction, the Blue Jays are easy to matchup against late in games, and the team is simply wasting runs as a result.

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The Toronto Blue Jays went 42-18 after the trade deadline in 2015, so bandwagon fans were only used to watching the Jays lose less than 1 in 3 games. So far this season, the Jays are losing more than 1 in 2 and it sucks. As a bandwagoner, I haven’t yet learned to derive enjoyment out of watching them play poorly. If they play well and still lose in a close game, yeah I can enjoy that. But games where the whole team looks lacklustre or when after 11 games in the season, there are still 3 positions batting less than 0.200, well, I don’t like it.


Of course the highlights of Friday night’s game were Encarnacion’s 2 homeruns. Josh Donaldson however ended his 10-game hit streak and in fact, threw his first error of the season. He had 18 last year.

The other highlight? Seeing John Gibbons signal the bullpen with a 2-handed air quote gesture to call for the amidextrous (not ambidextr-i-ous Buck) pitcher, Pat Venditte.

I also love rundowns. The Jays got Shaw in this not so elegant rundown.