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Kevin Pillar hates leadoff

Kevin Pillar has demonstrated that he is not a leadoff man and is much happier down in the bottom 3rd of the order. Who would have predicted that moving Kevin Pillar from the leadoff position to batting 8th would set him on such a roll? He went 3 for 3 on Monday and 3 for 4 on Sunday after the batting order switch. Michael Saunders who took over the leadoff spot went 1 for 4 plus a walk on Monday and 1 for 5 on Sunday. Saunders had been hitting .281 vs. Pillar’s .205. After the switch, now Saunders is hitting .268 vs. Pillar’s .273. Interesting.

My Questions

Why is it that despite both guys saying they don’t change their approach depending on the position, does it seem that Pillar is much more comfortable down in the number 8 spot? Is it pressure? Do the pitchers pitch differently to them? More fastballs to those lower in the order? Do we also lose the benefit of stolen bases? Pillar stole 25 in 2015. Saunders stole 21 in 2012. I’ll have to look into this further.

Video Highlights (this announcer has some major issues pronouncing people’s names)

The Blue Jays’ starting pitching continued to shine with J. A. Happ giving up only 1 run in 7 innings, now with an ERA of 1.89. Another glimmer of hope. Cecil didn’t allow any runs and his ERA is now down to 4.76.

What I loved…

I loved seeing Encarnacion move. In the 4th, he showed his agility snaring a barely fair drive down the 1st base line.

The Jays are now back to a .500 record and back to 2nd place in the Division.

Not your average bandwagoner…

Ok, remember how I said I bought the MLB.tv subscription? I was able to watch much of this game live while I was at work even though it was at 1030 in the morning!