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Down to the wire


I have come to realize the baseball season is a real grind! And that whether your team is good or bad, they will win and they will lose. The Toronto Blue Jays have played 28 games so far in the 2016 season and they have won 46% of them despite their offense, which is supposed to be their greatest strength, has been weak. Their only consistent hitter so far is the reigning America League MVP, Josh Donaldson, who seems to be on track for another MVP calibre year. The worse team in the league is the Minnesota Twins who have won 30% of their games and the best team, the one that swept us at home, the Chicago White Sox, has won 70%. This difference between the best and the worst is amplified because they are still in the 1st quarter of the season, but not a super huge gap.

So, to follow a whole season will be tumultuous. I get that. I would like to see smart plays. Good plays. Few mistakes. Then you can say you were beat by the better team.


At around 1030pm Tuesday evening, Toronto fans were jointly going wild when both Kyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors sinks a hail Mary 3-pointer from half-court to tie the 1st game of their playoff series against the Miami Heat. This took them into overtime. Almost simultaneously, Toronto Blue Jay Justin Smoak, hit a homerun in the bottom of the 9th, after 8 innings of shutout baseball, to tie their game against archnemesis, Texas Rangers sending that game into extra innings.


So not only does Justin Smoak tie up the game with a homer in the bottom of the 9th, he hits ANOTHER homerun in the 10th inning to WALK OFF the game!!

Darwin Barney was the defensive star throwing out Roughned Odor at 3rd, and then, throwing out Hanser Alberto at home plate.

Overall, a super boring game for 8 innings, many runners left on base, but an awesome win nevertheless!



It’s not all Cecil’s fault

Despite homeruns by Jose Bautista and Kevin Pillar, the Jays couldn’t get the win. Pillar made his first error since last June. And unfortunately, we can’t avoid talking about Brett Cecil again. After Saturday’s loss to the Tampa Bay Rays 4-3, Cecil is now 0-5. This is the most losses in relief at the end of April. Ever. (Well, since 1913). Again, he allowed 3 hits without getting an out.

The scary thing is the Cecil says he can’t change anything and doesn’t want to change anything. He says he feels good and is pitching well.

I’m not to sure. His pitches seem the seem, but the pitch choices may not be. John Gibbons wasn’t happy with his last pitch choice on Saturday.

According to baseball-reference.com he has been playing more high leverage situations in 2016 compared to 2015.

gmLI (game-entering Leverage Index)
2015   1.20
2016   1.96

We know that the Jays have started off slow in the past and weren’t in terrific shape in 2015 when the trade deadline came around hovering at around a .500 record. How are the Jays fairing compared to last April?

2015   2016
W-L           11-12  11-14
ERA            4.78     3.89
OPP AVG   .270     .252
WHIP          1.45      1.30

So if they’re pitching better, why isn’t their record better? Maybe the other teams are that much better? Maybe, but actually the Offense is the reason.

2015    2016
Team AVG   .248    .232
Runs/Game   5.3       4.0
HR                    28         29
RISP             .276      .220
K/Game         7.7        9.3

The biggest problem is the RISP (runners in scoring position) and too many strikeouts. So…hard to blame Cecil and the bullpen completely. If the offense was living up to it’s name, the Jays would be doing well. The team should probably listen to Josh Donaldson and change their approach at the plate.