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MLB suspends Blue Jays’ Chris Colabello 80 games – Sportsnet.ca

“The only thing I know is that I would never compromise the integrity of the game of baseball. I love this game too much,” Colabello said in his statement released by the player’s association. “I hope that before anyone passes judgment on me they can take a look at the man that I am, and everything that I have done to get to where I am in my career.”

via MLB suspends Blue Jays’ Chris Colabello 80 games – Sportsnet.ca



I’m sorry to say it but there is NO WAY that people aren’t going to pass judgment on any pro athlete who fails a drug test. And from the sounds of Troy Tulowitzki’s comments, some of his teammates are none too happy too. Maybe they don’t believe him. Maybe they’re pissed that he didn’t tell them sooner. Maybe they’re pissed that he kept trying to play these past 17 games and hitting .069. What could he do before they suspended him? Take himself out of the roster?

He is using his long difficult road to the majors as a defence. He is claiming that he would never compromise his career when it took so long to get here. But, maybe he lost patience and wanted a boost to get himself across the finish line by the age of 30. I can’t imagine that he had never had a drug test before. And why dope before spring training when you know that you’re going to get tested?

I think we’ll never know for sure whether he’s innocent. But it doesn’t matter. Even if he took uncertified supplements that were laced with steroids, he’s still responsible. And what a shame considering that he isn’t buff and he isn’t performing well! But I have a feeling this shocking blow could divide the clubhouse. Or maybe it will help them focus. Friday night’s game against the Oakland Athletics kind of fell apart. Was it the news? I don’t know but Sanchez was not the pitcher he’s been and gave up 6 runs before they finally yanked him in the 5th inning. But the Blue Jays did battle back run by run to get back to 6-5. When Osuna came to the mound, there was hope that magic would happen. If it was September 2015, it would have. But there isn’t much spark or magic yet within this club. Hoping they ignite today.