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Why going defence-first could be the best option for Blue Jays – Sportsnet.ca

via Why going defence-first could be the best option for Blue Jays – Sportsnet.ca

I though this brief article made a really good point. It seems unlikely that the Blue Jays will sign even one of their heavy hitters this off season. And there aren’t too many out there on the free agent market. Shap-kins hasn’t demonstrated that they’re a couple of guys that like to splurge on big name players. And a trade for a big hitter would require depletion of a non-existent farm system.

So, given that the greatest strength of the team right now is a strong and healthy pitching staff that makes hitters put balls in play and is returning next season, strengthening up the defense seems to make sense. Buck Martinez says a lot of nonsensical things, but I think his best quip was when he said that the Jays ‘don’t have an ace, but they have 4 Kings.’

Phillies Phail

After a weak start against the Phillies when the Jays played without Edwin Encarnacion, his return and hitting has helped the Jays blast the Phillies in the last 3 games of their home-and-home series with 31 runs including 5 home runs in last night’s game!

The last game of the series was a 13-2 beat down on a young Phillies starting rotation.

Encarnacion has been killing it over the past 6 games.


As it stands, the Blue Jays are now 1 game behind Boston and 2 games behind the AL East leading Baltimore Orioles. This upcoming series in Batlimore for the Jays is HUGE and could have a significant impact on the standings. Unfortunately, the Orioles are coming off a series win against Boston which should give them some confidence. The Jays are coming off scoring 31 runs in the last 3 games against the Phillies which should also provide them with some big time mojo.

The Jays are still a couple of weeks from getting Tulowitzki back. Good or bad? The Jays have been doing just fine without him in the lineup. We’re still waiting to hear of Bautista will be out after leaving last night’s game having majorly stubbing his big toe. Carrera is nursing a rolled ankle. Tonight’s lineup will be interesting.


Friday Sanchez (6-1, ERA 3.38, Last 7 games: 4-0, ERA 3.83) vs. Wright (3-3, ERA 5.31, Last 7G: 2-1, ERA 5.40)

Saturday Dickey (4-7, ERA 4.16, Last 7 games: 3-3, ERA 3.25) vs. Gallardo (1-1, ERA 7.0)

Sunday Stroman (6-2, ERA 4.76, Last 7 games: 2-2, ERA 6.12) vs. Tillman (9-1, ERA 2.87, Last 7G: 5-0, ERA 2.72)

Baltimore’s Yovani Gallardo is just coming back from the disabled list and hasn’t pitched since April 22. Toronto’s Aaron Sanchez and R. A. Dickey are my favourites to win. Marcus Stroman unfortunately has his work cut out for him.

Go Blue Jays!