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I don’t get it

I don’t get it. Where are all those idiots who thought it was the END of the world after Jose Bautista’s bat flip. And not a peep about what bad baseball it is when the Devil punches Jose Bautista in the face. Never mind Gregg Zaun who clearly has something against Bautista. I mean how uncivilized is it to offer Odor rewards for punching someone. Could you get any less classy. Is it just me or is it unbelievable that his sentence was REDUCED from 8 games suspension to 7. Is that not a slap to the Blue Jays’ collective FACE or what??

Good news is, the Jays had a precarious but decisive (is that a contradication?) win against the Yankees and are back in 3rd place. Is there any chance that they can eek out a series win against the first place Boston Red Sox this weekend?

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The Stench of Odor

I’ve never liked Rougned Odor, but I didn’t know why. Now I do. Doesn’t he look like someone?

What I don’t get about baseball is why it’s not ok to flip a bat in the biggest moment of your career, but it’s ok to shove and punch someone? At least, can we drop the bat flip discussion and talk about what a piece of crap Odor is?

So, yeah, the Jays lost, but that is not the headline of Sunday’s game against the Texas Rangers. The full on brawl was. The Rangers pulled a cheesy move and had their rookie (who’s been in jail by the way, for something foolish like a DUI) hit Jose Bautista in the 8th inning during his last at bat of the game, during the 7th game they’ve played, the last meeting of the year. The umps (same ones from the playoffs against Texas last year), issued warnings which probably fueled the fire. They should have left it alone or ejected the pitcher.

So Bautista slid into Odor without hurting him, then Odor freaks out like the freak that he is. After things settled, Chavez promptly hit Prince Fielder nice and gently in the leg. All in all, 5 Jays were ejected today. Tim Leifer (1st base coach), John Gibbons (manager), Jose Bautista, Josh Donaldson (not sure why), and Jesse Chavez. Bizarre and wild game. These two teams are going to go at it for a while.