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Oh Sanchez. After the 6+ inning shut out today, is it really possible for Blue Jays management to relegate Aaron Sanchez to the bullpen? They’ve now stretched him out to 6 innings. He has been quite flawless. How will they justify a move to the bullpen to him and to us and to themselves? Yeah ok, Floyd is more experienced aka older, but he has been plagued by serious injury and has not pitched more innings than Sanchie over the past two years. The upside to Sanchez seems somewhat limitless right at the moment. I say let him start, move him if he falters or tires out.

As I mentioned previously, I got a Blue Jays Flex pack for Christmas. So awesome husband! And I’m glad we didn’t go for the season’s tickets because it really wasn’t that easy to find 10 games that we could fit in to our schedule. What’s kind of weird about it is that you don’t always get the same seats but that makes sense since we’re not buying every game. It did give us a chance to get home opener tickets and hopefully will give us a better chance at getting post-season tickets assuming we get that far and that they don’t change the rules on us! We decided to go with the 200 level over the 100 even though they’re the same price because we figured we’d see more. Will let you know how they are. We did go to a post-season game last year in the 500s behind Bautista and it was still awesome. Hey when you’re drinking beer, all’s good!


Will the real Tulowitzki please stand up?

Tulo again! Two run homer to left and you can see the left fielder just waves it off as if to say, ‘ah, that’s outta here!’ Kind of cute. And the double play with the bad hop. It’s like a whole new Tulowitzki. I have a feeling that this IS the real Troy Tulowitzki.

I’m not too sure how I feel about the new slide rule though. An automatic double play was called today because Antoan Richardson slid into Darwin Barney’s feet at 2nd base. He CLEARLY wasn’t sliding into 2nd base and WAS targeting the 2nd baseman. I’m all for safety. Imagine it was my son out there! I’m sure the older players are going to feel it is taking away from the game though.

Ok, Floyd, pretty good. I can understand the dilemma between he and Sanchez for the starting rotation. But if Sanchez goes to the bullpen again for the whole season, I don’t know, will his heart be in it? And that’ll be another year without him being able to develop further. It won’t be an easy transition for him from the bullpen to the starting rotation mid-season if needed. My vote still goes to Sanchez, but I’m kind of feeling like Floyd needs a chance given his bad luck with injuries. Can he last the whole season though?

The more I watch Colabello, I think I know why he took so long to get to the majors. He had good numbers but he looks sleepy all the time! He’s got kind of a sleepy face, with his mouth open a bit. And he doesn’t act with much command. He seems kind of limp and probably it gives the impression that he’s not that committed. Sometimes, impressions count, and I think he’s just a bit loosey goosey. Compare him to Tulo who looks good even on the rare occasion when he misses a play. Hard to forget that game during the playoffs last season when Colabello went over and showed the umpire his empty glove wondering why he wasn’t calling the runner out. How embarrassing.


Chavez ‘a little bit off’

So far, my vote still goes to Aaron Sanchez to be the 5th starter this coming April after Jesse Chavez’ underwhelming 3.0 innings today during which he gave up 5 hits and 2 runs. He walked one with one strikeout.

“I felt good, I felt normal — just a little bit off,” Chavez said. “I look at swings, I look at the contact, and that tells me if I’m progressing the way I want to, and I’m just a tick off as far as location.”

So who starts?

Did you watch Aaron Sanchez’s start today? He must have transformed from boy to man over the winter, putting on 20 lbs training with Marcus Stroman at Duke. Even I could see that he had way more control over his movements. He seemed so stable on the mound. He used to look kind of lanky but he did great today. He has my vote for the 5th starter. He wants it bad, he’s clearly committed to being better and in fact he was doing pretty well as a starter last year until he got injured. Chavez hasn’t blown our minds yet and neither has Hutchison. Yeah, we need a strong bullpen but we need strong starters too right?